SA Beach Volleyball Series

SA Beach Volleyball Series

The South Australian Beach Volleyball Series offers a top line competition for elite players, ambitious teams and all junior athletes.

Unlike indoor Volleyball competitions which are played weekly, the SABVS is played on one full day every 1-2 weekends throughout the summer (depending on what division you play in). SABVS enables you to pick and choose which dates and competitions you would like to nominate in. You do not have to commit to a full season.

The more SABVS rounds you play in / the better you perform, the more ranking points you earn to work your way up the individual VSA Rankings ladder and the star divisons. You pick your own partner and nominate online (uncapped nominations) before the deadline which is usually  the Sunday 11.59pm prior to every Sunday 3/2/1* Round and Saturday 1* event. You can check the Round Seedings and Draws online under SABVS Results.  (unsuccesful nominations will be refunded). If unseccesful entering Sunday 3/2/1* Rounds, there is an opportunity to gain ranking points via playing the Saturday 1* events  (nominations via SABVS Series calendar).

After Nominating for a Round your team will enter the Star divisions based on your combined individual SABVS & ABVT Ranking Points (best 6 results in a 365day period) upon nomination closure  More specific information regarding entry, seeding, ranking, Series Final  and other processes can be found now in the updated Rules & Regulations. 

You can become ''Beach State Champion'' by winning the Series Championship Finals at the end of the season. The titel ''MVP'' will be awarded to the player (senior and junior, male and female)with the most points earned in ALL SABVS tournaments played.

see below on how the SABVS star format works:

Grades offered per gender:Level of Skill
3 Star pairs (12 teams)  Sundays  entry fee $60Experienced Senior and Junior players all ages with high level of skill and aspirations to play National tour. Entry and Seeding via VSA ranking upon nomination closure.
2 Star pairs (12-8 teams)  Sundays   entry fee $60Senior and Junior players all ages with a moderate level of skill. Entry and Seeding via VSA ranking upon nomination closure. The 2 Star draw can vary and will be determined by the total number of nominations.  

1 Star pairs - two options available:

A - (uncapped number of teams) Sundays   entry fee $60  

B - (uncapped number of teams) Saturdays   entry fee $50

Anyone who has played a reasonable amount of volleyball including ambitious social players and junior playes all ages and beginners. Entry and Seeding via VSA ranking upon nomination closure.  Top 24 Players via VSA Ranking are only eligible if playing with a partner ranked 25 or lower upon nomination closure.  

We are happy to announce that VSA  will run additional 1* Divisions on Sundays connected to the 3/2* Rounds, to give everyone as many opportunities as possible to play. The 1 Star draw can vary and will be determined by the total number of nominations.  

 The Saturday 1* Star events have a reduced entry fee of $50 due to a lower venue setup stadard and a shorter competition day.  Players or Teams are able to participate in both Saturday and Sunday Competitions if held on the same weekend.