SA Beach Volleyball Series

SA Beach Volleyball Series

The South Australian Beach Volleyball Series offers a top line competition for elite players, as well as competitions for competitive teams, social players and junior athletes.

Unlike indoor Volleyball competitions which are played weekly, the SABVS is played on one full day every 2-3 weekends throughout summer (depending on what age group/division you are in). SABVS enables you to pick and choose which dates/competitions you would like to nominte in, which means you do not have to commit to a season.

The more SABVS rounds you play in, the more ranking points you gain to work your way up the individual rankings ladder. You can also pick your own partner and nominate online yourself before the close date which is usually the Tuesday before the weekend round.

See below on how the SABVS star/age group format works:

EVT 1805 SABVS Triangle.png

Grades offeredLevel of Skill
3 Star pairsExperienced players with high level of skill
2 Star pairsPlayers with a moderate level of skill
1 Star pairsAnyone who has played a reasonable amount of volleyball
Under 19 pairsAnyone under the age of 19 as at 31 December 2020
Under 17 pairsAnyone under the age of 17 as at 31 December 2020
Under 15 3asideAnyone under the age of 15 as at 31 December 2020
Social 4asideSocial players of any skill level

Training sessions can help get you ready to start off in Beach Volleyball 

Casual Training Session Information

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