About Us

About Us

Welcome to Volleyball SA, home of volleyball in South Australia. We are a not for profit organisation devoted to fostering the sport of volleyball in SA, and here you will find information on our many competitive, development, and social programs.

As the heart of volleyball in South Australia, we know the appeal of our great sport stretches far beyond winning games, cheering crowds, and hanging out at the beach. Although that’s a big part of it.

From court to grass to snow to sand, volleyball enriches lives, teaching valuable lessons that last long after the game is won or lost. Through volleyball we learn integrity and respect for others.

We become braver. We communicate better. We discover the power of teamwork and the rich rewards that come with working together to reach a common goal.

Our passion for growing volleyball in SA stems from seeing the positive impact the sport has on those who play, watch and participate. Whether you’re up for a weekend game, keen to join a league team, or your sights are set on the elite national competition – however you play, you’ll become part of a thriving, supportive community, where strong, trusting relationships are built.

A unifying force for people from all walks of life, it’s no wonder volleyball has been growing in popularity across Australia since the 1920’s. At Volleyball SA, our aim is to ensure this growth continues, seizing every opportunity to promote the inspiring, inclusive nature of the game. Any age, any gender, any ethnicity, any fitness level – volleyball is open to anyone, which explains why it ranks as the fifth most played sport on the planet.

Every day we work to meet the needs of our 8000 active members. Every day we celebrate the 20,000 South Australians already enjoying the sport around the state. And every day we create opportunities for more people to discover the joy of volleyball any way they choose, ensuring a healthy and sustainable future for the sport we love.

Every day, Volleyball SA is here to play.