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2024 Pelligra SA Open - RESULTS

The 2024 Pelligra SA Open has come to an end, and what an amazing weekend it was // Let's hear it for our medallists!
Elite 16 Women's Results:
GOLD: Stefanie Weiler (VIC) / Lucia Michalovicova (NSW)
SILVER: Tarryn Angermeier (VIC) / Lucie Sauerova (VIC)
BRONZE: Bailee Kendall (SA) / Ruby Vanloo (SA)
Elite 16 Men's Results:
GOLD: Ben Hood (SA) / D'Artagnan Potts (SA)
SILVER: Jack Pearse (SA) / Paul Burnett (WA)
BRONZE: Joshua Howat (WA) / James Takken (QLD)
Division 2 Women's Results:
GOLD: Anna Jencikova (SA) / Lucie Schwarmann (SA)
SILVER: Evangeline La Terra (VIC) / Lucia La Terra (VIC)
BRONZE: Lindsay Smart (VIC) / Anani Mcmahon (NSW)
Division 2 Men's Results:
GOLD:  Henry Ambagtsheer (SA) / Regan Fathers (SA)
SILVER:  Victor Trindade (NSW) / Ethan Roberts (SA)
BRONZE: Klaas Mcintosh (VIC) / Robert Hope (VIC)
Division 3 Women's Results:
GOLD: Hazel Gow (NSW) / Christine Baum (SA)
SILVER: Sarah Nur (SA) / Sara Zuidland (SA)
BRONZE: Ava Gaborit (SA) / Tiegan Bennett (SA)
Division 3 Men's Results:
GOLD: Ben Carroll (VIC) / David Hammersley (VIC)
SILVER: David Brown (QLD) / Nicholas Humphries (QLD)
BRONZE: Jasper Marcel (SA) / Kane Johnson (SA)
We'd like to extend a heartfelt thank you to our major sponsors:
Physio Xtra
And another big thank you to our supporting sponsors:
City of Holdfast Bay
Jetty Road
Lumin Sports
This weekend wouldn't be possible without:
Our officials, athletes, organisers, VSA staff, Rosie Panetta (MC), Declan Huston (DJ) and volunteers!
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