Announcing our new President

Dear Club Presidents, Committee Members, Coaches, and Players,

Re: Announcing our New President and Board Members - Board of Directors of Volleyball SA

It is my pleasure to announce that the Board of Directors of Volleyball SA has appointed Scott Mansell as President following our Annual General Meeting held on 16 November 2021.
Scott has been a member of the Board of Volleyball SA in an appointed capacity since October 2020 and was formally elected to the Board at our recent AGM. The Board has also elected Scott to the role of President.

He brings experience in business management and leadership, notably in the areas of people and culture, complimenting the skill set of our Board. Scott is also very passionate about the sport of volleyball with a background in the sport himself. He is also very keen on driving uplift in culture and engagement, as well as diversity, both within our valued team at Volleyball SA, and through continued collaboration with our key stakeholders in the wider volleyball community. He is looking forward to the challenges ahead and aspires that everyone participating in the sport of volleyball, whether as an athlete, umpire, coach, sponsor or supporter has the best possible experience.

Also with great pleasure, I would like to announce that Olivia Orchard has been elected to the Board of Volleyball SA following the AGM. The Board is absolutely delighted to have Olivia as a part of the team. Her background within the sport of volleyball as a member of Volleyball Team Australia from 2008 – 2014, including being appointed Captain from 2011 – 2014, coupled with her commerce, accounting and finance skill set further compliments the capability of the Board.

Currently, the Board of Directors wishes to formally acknowledge and thank outgoing President Craig Watson for his exceptional tenure as our President over the past 13 years. He has led our Board with distinction and has maintained a vision for the growth and success of volleyball in the South Australian and wider communities. Craig has delivered on several key strategic outcomes during his tenure, notably the growth of the SA Volleyball League, World League fixtures being hosted in SA, the Summer Sets Festival on Glenelg Beach, and the introduction of the VSA Academy providing pathways for our emerging athletes. Craig has also ensured that Volleyball SA has developed and maintained strong relationships with all State organisations and with Volleyball Australia.

We cannot thank him enough for his contribution to our sport and pay a special thanks to Craig from the team at Volleyball SA and all members of the current Board including Richard Stone, Ra’ed Alaraj, Sophie Milic, Olivia Orchard and Scott Mansell as well as outgoing Board member Pia Bentick, and outgoing GM Anne-Marie McAinsh.
With our new Board appointments confirmed, we can stay focused on delivering continued high-level outcomes for our stakeholders.

Warm regards,

Karla Della Pietra
General Manager, Volleyball SA
On behalf of the Board of Directors of Volleyball SA

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