Membership & Registration

Volleyball SA welcomes all new and renewing members. To join as a new member or to renew an existing membership, use our join form or renew form. Choose a membership that suits how you want to be involved in Volleyball. We have

  • Full (Adult, Junior or Spikezone U13) memberships to cater for those playing in pathway competitions at a State and/or National level and needing access to these competitions. Full members have all the benefits of Recreational and Casual members included. 
  • Recreational memberships (Red or Blue) allow you to enjoy some social games & divisions of beach and indoor volleyball  but not all the competitions and events/grades that you can enjoy as a Full member.
  • Casual Yellow category allows you to try out the sport - once you do, you'll want to join up as a member!
  • Associate memberships for all those who are supporting our great game as volunteers, parents, supporters (but not playing)
  • Coach/Official memberships for those accredited Coaches and Officials who don't already have a playing membership

Depending on the level of membership, the annual period is 1 April - 31st March (All except Spikezone & Recreational).              Spikezone and Recreational membership period is 1 January - 31st December.

Quick Guide for Competition Membership

Minimum membership
Your local Spikezone Full Spikezone U13
Southern or Northern Junior League (summer) Recreational Blue
State League (including Senior and Junior Leagues (winter) Full membership  (Adult or Junior (U19)
SA Beach Series (SABVS) Social Grades Casual Yellow
SA Beach Series (SABVS) Competition Grades AAA, AA, A, U19, U17, U15 Full membership
Your local Recreational Comp (beach or indoor) Recreational Blue (Red if specified at venue)
Schools Cup (SA and National) Full membership
State Team selection (Junior or AVL) Full membership


If you are not sure what membership level you need and need some advice, please contact us (08) 8363 1265 or