How do I get started playing volleyball?

The first question to ask yourself is do you want to play Indoor Volleyball or Beach Volleyball. We then suggest you look through the Indoor Volleyball Pages or the Beach Volleyball Pages.

These pages will illustrate that there are many options for an individual or team who wishes to start playing volleyball. There are competitive opportunities, social competition opportunities and training opportunities for both the Indoor and Beach Volleyball disciplines.

Once you have decided upon which opportunities you would like to pursue, please read through the information concerning "membership and registration".

After reading through these pages, please contact the Volleyball SA office for more information and we can get you playing the best sport in the world!!


How do I become a member of Volleyball SA?

To become a member, you just need to head to this link to sign up.


What are the rules of volleyball?

Both indoor and beach volleyball are played under the International Federation of Volleyball's rules and regulations. While indoor and beach volleyball share many common elements, some rules between them are different.

In addition, many Volleyball SA run competitions have slightly different rules. Please refer to that particular competition's set of by laws or rules and regulations.

You can access the rules of volleyball here, or book a course to learn more here.


What time am I playing?

Check the website, there are draws for all our competitions! Recreational Indoor, Beach, as well as State League, State BeachJunior and Representative.


Where is my nearest club?

Clubs are all around the city and beyond! Check to see the list of clubs to find the one nearest you.


Where is my nearest playing venue?

If you are interested in Indoor Volleyball, check here.

if you are interested in Beach Volleyball, check here.

If you want to link up with another team or player near you, check here.


I am trying to find a team to play for, where can I find one?

If you are a recreational player, link up with teams here.

If you are ready for club volleyball, contact the clubs directly here.


Please contact us if you have any questions.