The focus for this group is an introduction to training and to the game of volleyball. Good habits related to body maintenance are introduced, and focus on positive reinforcement of good skills and behaviours. In this squad no volleyball experience is required, program scouts  / coaches are looking for athletic, dynamic athletes who have the desire to compete at national and international level.

Athlete can either be selected from the VSA Academy’s Open trial in October, or have been identified through Talent Identification platforms such as SASI Talent Search, State Schools Cup, and National Schools Cup.

Program structure:

  • 12-15 years old
  • 1 x Technical Development session each week – during school semester
  • 2 x Athlete health and safety session – warm up, cool down & recovery each week
  • 1 x Basic Physical Screening per year
  • 1 x VSA Academy Uniform
  • Introduce /expand flexibility exercises, speed & agility, quickness in change of direction
  • Introducing concepts around work ethic, and competitive behaviour
  • Beach Volleyball focus over summer, Inside stadium during winter
  • Complete skill development (i.e. not specialised)
  • Key focus on fundamental Technical development
  • Key focus on fundamental Physical Development (movement patterns)
  • Athletes work towards integrating into the VSA Academy, Development Training Squad (DTS)

ORSR - Game On