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Beach volleyballers welcome diversity at Glenelg

Volleyball South Australia is encouraging players of all abilities and backgrounds to get involved in volleyball at tomorrow’s Inclusive Day showcase at Glenelg Beach.

Part of the Summer Sets Beach Volleyball Festival, Inclusive Day will feature teams identifying as multicultural and LGBTIQ+, a sitting volley competition played on grass, and a come-and-try session for people with an intellectual disability.

Event organiser, Volleyball South Australia’s Karla Della Pietra, said that volleyball has a long history as a sport that has welcomed everyone.

“Volleyball is the most gender-equal sport in Australia and many of our clubs were originally formed by new arrivals to Australia, so we have great ethnic diversity as well.

“We have several LQBTIQ+ teams playing in social competitions in Adelaide, so we also wanted to showcase those teams and encourage other people from the LGBTIQ+ community to get involved in volleyball.

“Seated volleyball has been run at Goodwood Centre for over 10 years, and this has been popular with people of all ages and abilities - and it creates new possibilities for those in wheelchairs and people who want a sport with less leg impact.

“The way volleyball games are played means that every player has a turn to serve and return, so nobody gets left out.”

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