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Head Coaches come together for a learning day

This weekend sees the first of a program of State League (inc Junior League) Coach learning modules being delivered to all club Head Program coaches, State League Men, Womens and State League Junior team coaches.

The program is part of an ongoing VSA strategy to ensure our coaches are the best in their fields. “Coaches have been long undervalued in our community said Anne-Marie McAinsh (General Manager VSA) with most of the efforts going towards player pathways over the last 10 years.” It’s time that we do the same for our Coaches and Referees to encourage people to value these roles and even for some, to consider a career in these areas.

The 3 modules are being delivered on the one day for convenience however each of them can be attended singly. The first 2 modules (mandatory for Head Coaches above to coach at State League) but open to all coaches who wish to attend, focus on ensuring our coaches understand the High Performance pathway in South Australia and understand their responsibilities in creating healthy and safe coaching environments for players, themselves and their clubs.

The 3rd module (optional) is the first of the optional modules VSA will be developing based on coach feedback to meet the needs of our community. The Advanced Rules of the game module will focus on some rules that feedback from our State League referees, would indicate are the most misunderstood within our coaching and playing groups. It is hoped that everyone having a shared understanding of rules and the referees group’s direction on current FIVB interpretations, everyone will have a more enjoyable and productive game.

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