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Tier 2  - Performance SquaD


The Tier 2 program provides the bridge between a talented athlete who likes playing volleyball from a potential high-performance athlete with clear goals and aspirations. The objectives of Tier 2 are to work with targeted athletes to prepare, compete and reflect with a national and international focus. To prepare for further opportunities in our pathway, compete nationally and internationally, and work with individuals to balance school and university timelines. This involves increased workload with a focus on holistic individual athlete management, and performance plans within a national framework. The focus on this group remains to have a technical and physical development, including Athlete Development workshops. Athletes within Tier 2 balance a wide range of as commitments such as study, training and competition opportunities, which can range from state, national and sometimes international level. Parents commit to working with the VSA Pathways Coach to help Case Manage the athletes to optimise their development towards their long-term goals.


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