Today marks the first day we can have competitions!!
Midnight Wednesday night we have been informed that restrictions will relax a little so here are the rules we are going to be working with:
As of Thursday 5 August
• Capacity: 1 per 4sqm – check your plan for numbers allowed
• Training: Permitted (with conditions)
• Competition: Permitted (with conditions)
• Masks required of everyone in common spaces inside (except for players when warming up/down and competing/training)
• Referees are asked to have masks on person and use over face, if any player approaches them but not required to wear them whilst actively refereeing
• Spectators, Coaches, Team Support staff, Scorers and Linespeople are required to wear masks at all times in indoor and outdoor stadiums
• Arena Coordinators: masks required unless working individually (or with regular co-worker) in an enclosed office. When serving customers/interacting with public at kiosk or face to face, masks must be worn.
• All competitions/trainings: NO SPECTATORS except one parent/caregiver per child. It is requested that if at all possible, other dependent children do not attend venues with that parent/caregiver.
• Teams arrive in time to warm-up and proceed directly to court, play, warm-down and leave immediately after game (unless duty requirements require otherwise)
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