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Coaches Corner By Alexis

Coaches Corner by Alexis

I was fortunate to attend a coaching conference recently where the key presenters were fantastic. As always, I took notes throughout and below are a few of the key points I’d like to share.

The presenters were an Australian team sport coach, an American movement coach, and a Swiss individual sport coach. What was really interesting was that the themes for each of them were very similar.

Ric Charlesworth

  • 2 things coaches need to do for any team
    • Make it fun
    • Make it enjoyable
  • Coaching is dynamic, you need to be continually changing
  • Always insist on quality and excellence, set high standards
  • Aristotle: You are what you continually do
  • Training is the source of good habits
  • Real excellence is what you do every day

Vern Gambetta

  • Technique and sport science are really easy to learn. But without the pedagogical ability to share it you aren’t going to achieve anything
  • You need to develop ROBUST athletes. To do this:
    • Know the basics
    • Master the basics
    • Don’t deviate from the basics
  • Always start with a strong foundation
    • Physical Literacy
  • Key Sequence
    • Physical Literacy -> Physical Competence -> Sport Specific Skill/Technique -> Sport Performance
  • Make daily self-reflection part of your daily practise as a coach
  • Expect excellence. Make excellence a habit. Even with fundamental movement skills.

Stephan Widmer

  • Obstacles are indispensable for growth, the key is to keep enthusiasm
  • Don’t count the repetitions, make the repetitions count
  • You can’t have recreational criteria for international goals
  • Early specialisation is the exception, not the rule
  • Bad coaches just make athletes tired
  • Excellence = Effort x Concentration
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