Coaching and Refereeing


The Level 3 accreditation is achieved through a nomination and application process. A referee can be nominated by their State Volleyball Association, Volleyball Australia’s Referee Committee, or apply themselves. At Level 3 the accreditation process splits into two disciplines, Volleyball or Beach Volleyball. Individuals can apply for accreditation to both disciplines if they have the necessary requirements listed below.

This accreditation is valid for a period of 4 years as long as the individual remains a VSA member.


To be eligible to nominate for Level 3, a referee must:



To be accredited as a Level 3, a referee must meet and provide a log sheet or evidence of the below, along with letters of support from Volleyball SA and the Volleyball Australia Referee Committee.

For more information and to understand where the Level 3 Referee Accreditation fits on the referee pathway, view Volleyball Australia's Accreditation Framework.