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Under 15's Beach Sessions at Adelaide City Beach are commencing on Saturday, December 11th, 2021. These sessions will run each week from 9 to 11 am, excluding the Christmas break, until late February 2022.

Adelaide City Beach is on the corner of Pirie St and Frome St in the CBD, which is a four-court, fully-enclosed beach venue protected from the usual coastal winds - so ideal for learning! We also have shady areas for parents, a kiosk, and change rooms. Music will play, just like at a senior beach volleyball event! All activity will be on a 2.15 metre net height suited to the younger athletes.

Fun and Social 

A qualified coach will guide young players to improve their basic skills, positioning, and movement. In the latter part of the session, players will be sorted into appropriate teams for informal 4-a-side games to practice those skills. The coach will move around and provide tips on gameplay, as well as helping participants to learn basic umpiring and scoring. The more complex beach volleyball rules will be introduced gradually over the weeks.

Contact Craig or Emma on 8224 1244 for any questions or inquiries!

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