Junior Volleyball



Nippy's SpikeZone Mini Volley is the National entry level competition, being a modified version of Volleyball, designed especially for primary schools students aged between 8 and 13 years.

How to Play

Like Volleyball, Nippy's SpikeZone is about getting the ball over the net in three hits or less and winning the rally. Unlike Volleyball, SpikeZone has only four players on the court at one time. If a team has more than four players, substitutions rotate on when a team wins a point on the opposition serve. Each point starts with a serve which must be hit over the net and is not allowed to touch the net on the way over. At all other times during a rally the ball may touch the top of the net. After a player serves three successive and successful serves, they must rotate to a new server. Games are 30 minutes long and are played best of five sets. The first four sets are first to 25 points, with a margain of at least 2 points. The final set is first to 15 points, with a margain of at least 2 points. 

How to Join

SpikeZone is played at over 10 venues in South Australia and is mostly school/parent organised teams. If you want to register as an individual player, we will do our best to find a team and venue which best suits you! Ask your school how you can get a team into our SpikeZone competition or gather a group of 4-6 mates with a parent contact and register a team youself through the links below.

Register as an individual (link)

Current Venues

Adelaide City Beach Term 4 nil T4 - TEAM
Brighton Secondary Term 2/3 TABLE #9 T4 - 4aSIDE | 6aSIDE
Campbelltown  Term 2/3 TABLE #12 T4 - TEAM | INDIVIDUAL
Hallett Cove Term 3/4 (Rd 2) nil T3/4 - TEAM
Henley Beach Term 4 nil T4 - TEAM | INDIVIDUAL
Port Augusta Term 3 nil T3 - TEAM | INDIVIDUAL
St Martins FINALS FIXTURE TABLE #9 available early 2019
Westbourne Park Term 3 (Rd 3) TABLE #2 T3 - TEAM
Victor HarborTerm 3nilT3 - TEAM | INDIVIDUAL

Nippy's Spikezone School Holiday Clinics

Come and try our Nippy's SpikeZone School Holiday Clinics, offered every single school holidays. Keep an eye out here for upcoming clinics.