SA High Performance Pathway

Performance Squad

Athletes training in the Performance Training Squad (PTS), have had several years of high quality training. The focus on this group remains to have a technical and physical development, including Athlete Development workshops. Athletes within Tier 2 balance a wide range of as commitments such as study, training and competition opportunities, which can range from state, national and sometimes international level. Parents commit to working with the VSA Academy Head Coach to help Case Manage the athletes to optimise their development towards their long-term goals.

Program Structure:

  • 2-3 x Technical Development sessions each week – Monday & Wednesdays
  • 2 x Physical Development (Strength & Conditioning / Weights) sessions each week
  • 1 x Physical Conditioning session at home (S & C Home Program)
  • 2 x Water Recovery sessions
  • 4 x Athlete Health & Safety sessions - warm up, shoulder health, cool down & recovery
  • 1 x Basic Physical Screening per year
  • 1 x VSA Academy uniform provided
  • Further develop flexibility, speed & agility, quickness in change of direction
  • Further develop concepts around Work Ethic and Competitive Behaviour
  • Beach Volleyball focus over summer, Indoor in stadium during winter
  • Complete Skill Development (ie: not specialised)
  • Key focus on Technical and Physical development
  • Case Management provided to support athletes and their families with long and short-term planning
  • Specialised Education Sessions, ie Time Management, Stress Management, Nutrition
  • Parent Information Meetings, including an Induction Night
  • Athletes work towards integrating into the Australian Volleyball Academy, National Beach Volleyball Program once high school education has been completed

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