SA High Performance Pathway

South Australian High Performance Pathway

The High-Performance Pathway in SA is an aligned structure from Emerging to Elite athletes. The pathway is designed by Volleyball Australia, South Australian Sports Institute (SASI) and Volleyball SA (VSA) to identify, develop and nurture young athletes holistically (physical, skills, mental) so they can aspire to compete at national and international levels in volleyball. Athletes within the High-Performance Pathway have access to experienced coaches, as well as fantastic facilities and resources, provided by SASI, VSA and Volleyball Australia. The South Australian athlete pathway is designed to provide a unified and clear pathway so athletes can represent South Australia at State and National level, and provide a pathway to the National Centre of Excellence, which aim is to achieve Olympic podium success.

The SA Pathway was established to:
  • create links to clubs, South Australia Beach Volleyball Series (SABVS) and athlete lifelong involvement in volleyball
  • develop athlete's that are capable of being selected into both the South Australian Beach and Indoor State Volleyball teams
  • progress athletes from the Emerging Talent Centres, into the Development and Performance Training Squads, into the SASI and/or Volleyball Australia high performance programs. 
  • expose athletes to sound technical development in both Beach and Indoor at an early age, which will long term develop athletes fundamentals
 Fundamentals such as:
  • develop strength with own body-weight and weighted exercises
  • introduce basic flexibility exercises
  • develop speed and agility, quickness and change of direction exercises
  • develop knowledge of warm up, cool down, stretching
  • hydration, nutrition, recovery and high performance behaviours
SA High Performance Pathway flowchart.jpg