Get into Volleyball

Sitting Volleyball

This is truly a sport for all, including disabled athletes.

It is similar to standing volleyball but is played on a smaller court and lower netIt is played indoors and players with various levels and types of physical impairment, must move around the court in a seated position on the floor. It is a fun sport that anyone can enjoy and have a laugh with.  The aim is to enable a disabled person to participate in sport from social to elite standards, from club level to the Paralympics.  Everyone should have the opportunity to pursue their goals and aspirations. 

Open to male and femailes of 10yrs +
If you are thinking of playing and unsure, ask yourself:

I can sit on the floor unaided?
I can move at least one arm?
I can see a ball moving through the air I can play recreational Sitting Volleyball?
I can slide around on the floor?
I can move both arms above my head?
I can catch and throw a football sized ball (or play it back one handed)?

You can get started RIGHT NOW at Goodwood Community Centre (Rosa St Goodwood):

10.30am start
Sunday November 14th and 28th

2022 Dates - TBC

Contact Heather for more information -


SA Multisport Come and Try
Sunday, November 7th
12pm - 2.30pm
The Lights Community Centre (244 - 270 East PArkway Corner Hampstead Road and East Pkwy, Lightsview SA, 5085)

Our aim is to grow interest and numbers in Sitting Volleyball, have more competitions and provide athletes with a pathway to the 2032 Paralymics.

If you have more interest in Sitting Volleyball contact Participation Manager Jason Rivett -