Mixed Pairs

Beachside ''Mixed Pairs''

The Beachside: Bump'N Spike series offers competition opportunities for anyone interested in joining the best sport in the world.

Unlike indoor Volleyball competitions, which are played weekly, and SABVS, which requires a commitment over a full day, Beachside Bump'N Spike offers a variety of events throughout the summer to get into Beach Volleyball.

It enables you to pick and choose which dates and competitions you would like to nominate in. You do not have to commit to a full season or a full day.

Mixed Pairs events are played over 3 Rounds followed by a Final Championship


There are two options to play in the Beachside Mixed Pairs. Both are played over half a day, shortened matches to 15 points per set (Boxing day event and Championships played to 21 points), and start time is usually 10.00am (unless stated otherwise)

  1. A-Grade 
  2. B-Grade


The Mixed Pairs Championships offer  $600 price pool !

The Winner of each Round will qualify directly for the Championships !

You can play in every event including Championships without having played previous Mixed Pairs Rounds !


See below on how the Beachside Mixed Pairs format works. Players can participte in any Round with different partners. Your combined individual ranking points can determine which grade you will be playing in (A/B-Grade). (Draws can vary depending on the total number of nominations)

Grades offered per gender: 
A - Grade
Level of Skill

Entry fee $60

Experienced players of all ages with comparible standard of SABVS 3/2 Star. No Raking points required. No uniform requirements 
B - Grade
Level of Skill
Entry fee $60Players of all ages with comparible standard of SABVS 1/0 Star or Twilight social beach competitions or any other enthusiastic pairs that like to face new challenges. No Ranking points required. No uniform requirements