Recreational Beach Volleyball

Interested in playing one of the World's most popular sports? With the South Australia's amazing beaches and state of the art venues Stratco City Beach and Mawson Lakes Beach, it would be a shame not to be interested in playing beach volleyball. Volleyball SA beach volleyball emphasises healthy competition, fitness and a fun, social setting.

The beach volleyball season is all year long, with Stratco City Beach and Mawson Lakes Beach housing recreational beach volleyball every weeknight of the year. Our metropolitan beaches light up in the warmer months, with recreational volleyball played at Henley and Glenelg Beaches.

The current venues are: Stratco City Beach on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday nights and Mawson Lakes Beach on Monday and Wednesday nights

We also run a beach volleyball training night every Thursday from 6pm at Stratco City Beach. This training session is the perfect way to fine tune your skills or get your beach volleyball journey started. So whether you have played before or not, or just want to get in shape, our coaches will help you out! These sessions cost just $10.