Recreational Beach & Indoor


Recreational Volleyball covers all a player needs for those who are just starting out in the sport, up to advanced players who want to have a serious hit around.

Recreational Volleyball takes on 2 main forms: Indoor and Beach. There are multiple venues around Adelaide where both Indoor and Beach are offered.  NEW! Check out and 'like' our Facebook Page for Recreational Volleyball for all the latest updates in Social and Recreational Volleyball!


Use the links to below to navigate to your choice of venue/competition and see what activities are on offer. For information on how to get involved in one of our competitions, click here: How Do I Start Playing 

Please read over the basic rules of volleyball adhered to by referees across all of our competitions


Adelaide City Beach

Mawson Beach Centre

Thebarton Senior College

*VSA Affiliate - Goodwood Volleyball Assoc.

Glenelg Beach

Henley Beach