Sitting & D-Volley

Sitting Volleyball

This is truly a sport for all, including disabled athletes. It is similar to standing volleyball but is played on a smaller court and lower net. It is played indoors and players with various levels and types of physical impairment, must move around the court in a seated position on the floor. It is a fun sport that anyone can enjoy and have a laugh with.  The aim is to enable a disabled person to participate in sport from social to elite standards, from club level to the Paralympics.  Everyone should have the opportunity to pursue their goals and aspirations. Find out more detail by clicking here about how and where to play Sitting Volleyball. 

You can get started RIGHT NOW at Goodwood Community Centre (Rosa St Goodwood). Click here for the 2018 schedule.

Contact Heather for more information - 08 8272 1495 or 0419 030 198

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Standing Volleyball

Within Standing Volleyball, there are two options for players. The Standing Beach Program or Standing Indoor Volleyball.

Standing Beach Volleyball

South Australian Jason Potts is a current Australian representative player who is keen to see more people with physical disabilities learn and enjoy the sport. This is a developing area and more information will be made available on programs and venues as it emerges.

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In the meantime Jason (pictured second from the left) shares some info about the team, its history and goals.

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The Australian Standing Disabled  Beach Volleyball Team (by Jason Potts)

On the 10th & 11th of September 2011 the very first selection camp was held for the inaugural Australian Standing Disabled Beach Volleyball Team at the Australian Institute of Sport– National Beach Volleyball Centre of Excellence. The team comprises of
3 athletes, 1 minimal disability athlete and two eligible athletes, with a moderate to severe physical disability. In October 2011 we competed in the 1st AmBank – Malaysia Beach Volleyball Masters. This was the first tournament of its type in the world in which several countries competed. 

The team currently includes 2 former paralympians from the Australian Standing Indoor volleyball team in Sydney 2000. We are currently ranked number 5 in the world & hope to improve on this ranking in the upcoming international tournaments. Whilst this is a new discipline to volleyball our goal is to have as many people with a physical disability playing in a local competition in conjunction with each state volleyball body (VSA here in S.A.), with a view to selecting a team to compete in a World League, which will consist of several international events each year. It is our hope that Standing Disabled Beach Volleyball will become part of the Summer Paralympics.

If you are interested in finding out more about Standing Beach Volleyball, please contact Jason on 0422 817 016

Standing Indoor Volleyball

Standing Indoor volleyball is a developing area of the sport within Adelaide and more information will be made available as it comes to hand.

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Deaf volleyball

The game is similar to Volleyball with some minor variations which are described in the brochure below.

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