"I love refereeing as it gives you the best seat in the house to view matches from. Through being a referee, I have had the opportunity to line referee at an Australian National Team exhibition match and the experience was totally amazing. I had goosebumps for hours before it and after!

Being a referee is also a great way to be involved in all levels of the sport and to see things from another perspective - being a referee has helped me improve as a player" - Peter Bawhey, South Australian Referee of the Year (2011 & 2012)


Referee courses are run by VSA year round, and offer an excellent, affordable opportunity to learn the rules of volleyball and to become an accredited District referee.

Referee Courses are conducted in a single 3 to 4 hour session and involve instruction, practical components and an examination.

Attendees at the "Improving Volleyball Officiating" course will learn the following modules:

  • The playing environment
  • Before game protocol
  • Characteristics of a serve
  • Characteristics of reception
  • Characteristics of a set
  • Characteristics of an attack hit
  • Characteristics of a block
  • Illegal contacts
  • Rotational faults
  • Faults at the net
  • Sanction scale
  • Participants in the match

Attendees will have an opportunity to partake in some volleyball to demonstrate their improved knowledge of the rules.