Volleyball SA delivers NCAS accredited courses approved by the Australian Sports Commission and the Australian Volleyball Federation. It is important to maintain your accreditation not only so you are covered but to ensure you are offering your players the best experience possible.


To become an accreditated coach you will need to complete a course run by Volleyball SA. Information various coaching levels, and any upcoming courses can be found here.


Coaching accreditations are valid for a set time limit (two years for Level 1 and four years for Levels 2, 3 and 4). When your accreditation is expiring/has expired, you will need to renew to keep your accreditation current. The renewal process/requirements for your renewing your coaching accreditation is as follows:

1. Fill out this form with your personal details, coaching accreditation details, and proof of being an active coach for at least 2 of the last 4 years. Coaching a State Team, State League, Junior State League, or Schools Cup team are considered valid proof of being an active coach. Other coaching experience can be considered and reviewed.

2. Pay the $40 renewal fee here. Select "Coaching and Referee Courses" and continue, then select "Coaching and Accreditation Renewal Fee" and continue.

Once we have received the completed form and payment, your renewal request will be reviewed and processed. If there is any issue with your renewal you will be contacted for further clarification.

For accreditations that have expired less than 4 years ago you can still renew by completing the above renewal steps. However, the renewal will be back dated to the accrediation expiry date. For example, if your Level 2 coaching accreditation expired on Jan 1st 2016, your renewed accreditation would have a start date of Jan 1st 2016 and expire on Jan 1st 2020. 

If your accreditation is more than 4 years expired, you will be required to retake a coaching course. For very experienced and active coaches who have been expired more than 4 years there is a potential of going through a Recognition of Prior Learning Process to get your accreditation renewed. Please use the contact information below if you would like more information.

If you have any questions on coaching accreditations, please don't hesitate to contact Sean Patterson at